Who Installs Phone Lines in New Construction?

When it comes to new construction, there are several professionals involved in the installation of phone lines. While the specific roles may vary depending on the project and location, here are the key individuals who typically handle phone line installations in new construction:

1. General Contractor: The general contractor is responsible for overseeing the construction project as a whole. They may subcontract specialized workers to handle specific tasks, including phone line installations.

2. Electrician: An electrician is often involved in the installation of phone lines as they have the necessary expertise in handling electrical wiring. They can ensure that the wiring is done safely and according to the required codes.

3. Telecommunications Contractor: In some cases, a telecommunications contractor may be hired to handle the installation of phone lines specifically. They specialize in setting up telecommunication systems and can ensure that the phone lines are properly installed.

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4. Internet Service Provider: If the new construction requires internet access, an internet service provider (ISP) may be involved in installing the necessary infrastructure. They can set up the internet connection and may also handle the installation of phone lines if required.

5. Low-Voltage Cabling Technician: These technicians specialize in handling low-voltage installations, including phone lines. They can run the necessary cables and connect them to the appropriate outlets.

6. Building Inspector: A building inspector may be involved during the construction process to ensure that all installations, including phone lines, comply with local building codes and safety regulations.

7. Homeowner/Property Owner: Ultimately, the homeowner or property owner has the final say in the installation of phone lines. They can coordinate with the necessary professionals and service providers to ensure their needs are met.


1. Can I choose the location of phone jacks in my new construction?
Yes, you can work with the professionals involved to determine the optimal locations for phone jacks based on your requirements and preferences.

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2. Can I have multiple phone lines installed?
Yes, depending on your needs, you can have multiple phone lines installed in your new construction.

3. Can I have both phone and internet lines installed simultaneously?
Yes, most professionals can install both phone and internet lines simultaneously, providing you with the necessary connectivity.

4. Can I install a phone line after the construction is complete?
Yes, it is possible to install phone lines after the construction is complete, but it may involve more effort and potentially higher costs.

5. Can I choose my own internet service provider for the new construction?
Yes, you can choose your own internet service provider based on the availability in your area and your specific requirements.

6. How long does it typically take to install phone lines in new construction?
The timeframe for phone line installation may vary depending on the complexity of the project and the availability of resources. It is best to consult with the professionals involved for a more accurate estimate.

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7. Can I upgrade my phone lines in the future?
Yes, phone lines can be upgraded in the future to accommodate new technologies and requirements. It is advisable to plan for potential upgrades during the initial installation to avoid any inconvenience later on.