Where Is This Castle That Was Abandoned Before Construction Finished?

In the picturesque countryside of Scotland, there lies the iconic ruin of Castle Stalker, which stands as a testament to a project that was abandoned before its completion. Located on a small island in Loch Laich, near Appin in Argyll, this castle has become an intriguing landmark for history enthusiasts and visitors alike.

Castle Stalker was commissioned by Sir John Stewart of Appin in the 14th century. However, due to political and financial difficulties, the construction of the castle was halted, leaving it in an unfinished state. The castle was meant to serve as a stronghold during the Stewart clan’s battles with their rival, Clan MacDougall. Despite its incomplete state, the castle still exudes a majestic aura, standing defiantly amidst the stunning Scottish landscape.

Today, Castle Stalker is privately owned and not open to the public. However, visitors can admire its exterior beauty from a distance, as it is visible from the A828 road. The castle’s unique location on a small island adds to its charm, making it a popular spot for photographers and tourists exploring the Scottish Highlands.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Castle Stalker:

1. Can I visit Castle Stalker?
No, Castle Stalker is privately owned and not open to the public. However, you can admire it from a distance.

2. Can I take a boat trip to the castle?
Boat trips to the island are not available, as access to the castle is restricted.

3. Can I take photographs of Castle Stalker?
Yes, you can take photographs of the castle from designated viewpoints along the A828 road.

4. Can I get married at Castle Stalker?
Castle Stalker is a popular wedding venue, but events are managed by a private company. Contact them directly for more information.

5. Is the castle haunted?
There have been reports of ghostly sightings at Castle Stalker, making it a subject of paranormal interest.

6. Can I explore the island?
No, the island is privately owned and access is restricted to the castle only.

7. Is there accommodation near Castle Stalker?
Yes, there are several hotels and B&Bs in the nearby villages of Appin and Port Appin, providing convenient access to the castle.

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Castle Stalker’s unfinished state adds to its allure, inviting visitors to imagine what it could have been. Its timeless beauty and intriguing history make it a must-see for anyone venturing into the Scottish Highlands.