Zenni Optical has gained immense popularity as a leading online eyewear retailer, offering a wide range of fashionable and affordable glasses for every style and prescription. With their growing customer base, it’s natural to wonder where their distribution center is located to ensure quick and efficient order processing and delivery. Let’s explore the whereabouts of the Zenni distribution center and answer some frequently asked questions.

Where is the Zenni distribution center?
The Zenni distribution center is located in Novato, California, United States. Novato is a city in Marin County, known for its beautiful landscapes and proximity to San Francisco.


1. How long does it take for Zenni to ship?
Zenni Optical typically takes 7-14 business days to process and ship orders. However, expedited shipping options are also available.

2. Can I pick up my Zenni order directly from the distribution center?
No, Zenni Optical does not offer direct customer pickups from their distribution center. All orders are shipped to the customer’s specified address.

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3. Do they ship internationally?
Yes, Zenni Optical ships internationally to various countries. However, shipping times and costs may vary based on the destination.

4. Can I track my Zenni order?
Yes, once your order is shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number. You can use this number to track your order on the Zenni Optical website.

5. Are returns processed at the distribution center?
No, returns are not processed at the distribution center. Customers need to follow the return process outlined by Zenni Optical through their website or customer service.

6. Can I visit the distribution center to try on glasses?
No, the Zenni distribution center is not open to the public for trying on glasses. However, their virtual try-on feature on their website allows customers to virtually try on glasses before purchasing.

7. How is the distribution center ensuring safety during COVID-19?
Zenni Optical has implemented strict safety measures at their distribution center to ensure the safety of their employees and customers. These measures include regular sanitization, social distancing, and the use of personal protective equipment.

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In conclusion, the Zenni distribution center is located in Novato, California, and serves as the hub for processing and shipping their eyewear orders. With their efficient shipping process and international reach, Zenni Optical continues to provide excellent service to their customers worldwide.