What Is the UFN Number on a USPS Receipt?

If you have ever received a receipt from the United States Postal Service (USPS), you may have noticed a unique identifier called the UFN number. But what exactly does it mean? The UFN number, also known as the Unique Facility Number, is a code used by USPS to track and identify specific postal facilities.

Each USPS facility, such as post offices, processing centers, and distribution centers, is assigned a unique UFN number. This number helps USPS in efficiently managing and monitoring the movement of mail and packages throughout its vast network. It allows them to track the exact location of an item at any given time, ensuring accurate and timely delivery.

FAQs about the UFN Number:

1. Where can I find the UFN number on my USPS receipt?
The UFN number is usually located near the top of the receipt, below the USPS logo and the transaction information.

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2. What is the purpose of the UFN number?
The UFN number helps USPS track and identify specific postal facilities, enabling efficient mail sorting and delivery.

3. Can I use the UFN number to track my package?
No, the UFN number is not used for package tracking. Instead, you should use the tracking number provided on your receipt or shipping label.

4. How many digits are in a UFN number?
A UFN number consists of six digits.

5. Is the UFN number unique to each postal facility?
Yes, every USPS facility is assigned a unique UFN number.

6. Can I request a specific UFN number for my package?
No, the UFN number is automatically assigned to each facility and cannot be customized or requested.

7. Does the UFN number have any significance for customers?
The UFN number primarily serves USPS internal operations and does not hold any direct significance for customers.

Next time you receive a USPS receipt, take a moment to locate the UFN number. While it may not have a direct impact on your package’s journey, it plays a crucial role in USPS’s efficient mail management system.

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