What Is Non-Domiciled CDL?

A non-domiciled commercial driver’s license (CDL) is a type of license that allows individuals who are not residents of a particular state to operate commercial vehicles within that state. This type of CDL is typically issued to drivers who work in the trucking industry and frequently travel across state lines.

Non-domiciled CDL holders are subject to the same federal regulations and requirements as regular CDL holders, such as maintaining a clean driving record and passing regular medical examinations. However, there are certain limitations and restrictions that apply to non-domiciled CDL holders.


1. Who is eligible for a non-domiciled CDL?
Non-domiciled CDLs are generally issued to individuals who reside in one state but work as truck drivers in another state.

2. How does a non-domiciled CDL differ from a regular CDL?
The main difference is that a non-domiciled CDL allows drivers to operate commercial vehicles in states other than their state of residence.

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3. Are there any restrictions on non-domiciled CDL holders?
Yes, non-domiciled CDL holders are typically restricted from operating commercial vehicles within their state of residence.

4. Can a non-domiciled CDL be transferred to another state?
Yes, non-domiciled CDLs can be transferred to another state if the individual decides to change their state of residence.

5. Do non-domiciled CDL holders need to comply with the regulations of their state of residence?
Non-domiciled CDL holders must comply with the regulations of both their state of residence and the state in which they are operating the commercial vehicle.

6. Are non-domiciled CDL holders subject to the same testing requirements as regular CDL holders?
Yes, non-domiciled CDL holders must pass the same written and skills tests as regular CDL holders.

7. Can non-domiciled CDL holders obtain endorsements on their license?
Yes, non-domiciled CDL holders can obtain endorsements such as hazardous materials or passenger endorsements, provided they meet the respective requirements.

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In conclusion, a non-domiciled CDL allows individuals who reside in one state but work as commercial drivers in another state to legally operate commercial vehicles. While there are certain restrictions and limitations, non-domiciled CDL holders must still comply with federal regulations and state-specific requirements.