What Is a Hotel Receipt Called?

A hotel receipt is typically referred to as a hotel invoice or a guest folio. It is a document provided by the hotel to the guest as proof of payment for their stay. This receipt includes detailed information about the services availed by the guest, including room charges, additional amenities, taxes, and any other expenses incurred during the stay.

The hotel receipt serves multiple purposes for both the guest and the hotel management. For guests, it acts as a record of their stay and expenditure, which can be used for reimbursement purposes or for filing travel expenses. It also serves as proof of payment in case of any disputes that may arise later. For hotel management, the receipt helps in maintaining accurate financial records and facilitating efficient accounting processes.

FAQs about Hotel Receipts:

1. Can I get a hotel receipt if I paid with cash?
Yes, regardless of the payment method, hotels provide a receipt to every guest upon check-out.

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2. What information does a hotel receipt include?
A hotel receipt typically includes the guest’s name, check-in and check-out dates, room charges, taxes, additional fees, and the total amount paid.

3. Can I request a hotel receipt after check-out?
Yes, if you didn’t receive a receipt at check-out or misplaced it, you can contact the hotel’s front desk or accounting department to request a copy.

4. Can a hotel receipt be used for tax purposes?
Yes, a hotel receipt can be used as a legitimate expense for tax deductions or reimbursements, especially for business travelers.

5. How long should I keep hotel receipts?
It is advisable to retain hotel receipts for a reasonable period, usually up to three years, for record-keeping or reimbursement purposes.

6. What if there is an error on my hotel receipt?
If you notice any discrepancies or errors on your hotel receipt, promptly inform the front desk or accounting department to rectify the issue.

7. Do online hotel bookings provide receipts?
Yes, most online hotel booking platforms provide an electronic receipt via email upon completion of the reservation. Make sure to check your inbox or spam folder for the receipt.

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