What Does a DoorDash Receipt Look Like?

When ordering food through DoorDash, it is natural to wonder what the receipt will look like. DoorDash provides a detailed receipt for each order, ensuring transparency and clarity for both the customer and the delivery driver. Here is what you can expect a DoorDash receipt to look like:

1. Restaurant Information: The receipt will include the name, address, and contact information of the restaurant from which you placed your order.

2. Order Summary: It will provide a breakdown of the items you ordered, including the quantity, name, and price of each item. This section ensures that you can easily review your order for accuracy.

3. Taxes and Fees: The receipt will display any applicable taxes, delivery fees, or other charges associated with your order. This information helps you understand the total cost of your purchase.

4. Delivery Information: The receipt will include details about your delivery, such as the estimated delivery time and the name of the delivery driver. This information allows you to track your order and know who to expect at your doorstep.

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5. Payment Details: The receipt will specify the payment method used for the order, whether it is a credit card, PayPal, or another payment option. It will also show the total amount paid.

6. Special Instructions: If you provided any special instructions for your order, such as dietary restrictions or food preferences, the receipt may include these notes for the restaurant and delivery driver to ensure your satisfaction.

7. Contact Information: In case you need to reach out to DoorDash customer support for any reason, the receipt will provide their contact information, making it easy to get in touch.


1. Can I get a receipt for my DoorDash order?
Yes, DoorDash provides a detailed receipt for every order. You can find it in the app or have it emailed to you.

2. How can I access my DoorDash receipt?
To access your receipt, go to the DoorDash app and select the “Orders” tab. Choose the desired order, and you will find the receipt there.

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3. Can I use the DoorDash receipt for reimbursement or tax purposes?
Yes, the DoorDash receipt can be used for reimbursement or tax purposes as it provides a clear breakdown of the order and payment details.

4. Can I print my DoorDash receipt?
Yes, you can print your DoorDash receipt by opening it on your device and selecting the print option.

5. Will the DoorDash receipt show the driver’s tip?
Yes, the receipt will display the amount you tipped the driver, ensuring transparency.

6. How long will DoorDash keep my order receipts?
DoorDash generally keeps order receipts for up to 12 months. However, it is recommended to save your receipts for personal records.

7. Can I request a duplicate receipt from DoorDash?
Yes, if you need a duplicate receipt, you can contact DoorDash customer support and request one. They will assist you accordingly.