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USA Factoring Invoice Factoring Review

USA Factoring Invoice Factoring Review


USA Factoring offers invoice factoring solutions in a number of niches. They have some of the best rates around but the customer service is wanting. There also seems to be some confusion as to which products they are still offering, which takes them out of contention for the best invoice factoring companies.


Fast funding is the biggest advantage that USA Factoring has going for it. Customers can get their money within 24 hours of an invoice being purchased by USA factoring. Additionally, USA Factoring has some of the lowest discount rates we’ve seen on offer, starting at 0.59%. The industry standard is between 1% and 1.5%, so companies have an opportunity to save a good bit of money with USA Factoring. They do not require any startup fees, and they have a fast application process facilitated by the online application services. Account approval takes 3-5 business days


There are, however, some big issues with USA Factoring. The first and most egregious is their lack of customer service options. USA Factoring only offers email customer service, no phone or live chat support. This means that customers who have questions or issues may find themselves staring into a computer monitor waiting for a response. You can request that USA Factoring call you, and offer times that it would be best to do so, but there’s no control for the customer over this process and so no way to ensure you get your call. This can slow down entire business process and is one of the most complained about aspects of USA Factoring’s service. They do have an FAQ section on their website, but it is small and offers little real information to customers.


USA Factoring is probably not the choice that most companies are looking for in terms of an invoice factoring service.