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Saint John Capital Invoice Factoring Review

Saint John Capital Invoice Factoring Review


Saint John Capital is an invoice factoring company based in Park Ridge, IL. They work with the trucking industry and openned for business in 1997. They offer fuel card programs and online reporting, with a monthly funding range from $7k-$3M.


One of Saint John Capital’s greatest attributes is they provide funding incredibly quickly once you factor an invoice. You can use this capital to meet payroll, invest in new technologies, or anything else that might help grow your business.

Saint John Capital also shines in that they were praised by many customers for the quality of their customer service. This is a good sign, as companies that have good customer service generally also have better marks for customer satisfaction based on the research we did on invoice factoring companies.

Finally, their website is easy to use and has helpful information explaining what factoring is, how it works, and how companies can benefit from it. Our research indicates that companys with better websites are more likely to have high marks for customer service a


However, there are some issues with Saint John Capital. The first is they don’t have much or any information on their site regarding pricing on contract information. As a result you’ll have to get in touch with them if you’re considering their factoring services. much or any information on their site regarding pricing on s that lack transparency are moer likely to have customer service satisfaction issues.

Saint John Capital also loses points because they only provide recourse factoring, leaving your company at risk of a large chargeback if your client doesn’t pay their bill. This situation can result in cash-on-hand issues for many businesses and we don’t recommend if non-recourse factoring is an option.

Finally, they have one of the higher discount rates out of the companies we looked at, and that means that companies are paying more for factoring services. As a result, they’ll have less capital to develop and grow their business.


Saint John Capital are a rising invoice factoring company in our list. They have some great services, and some of the best customer service reviews we looked at, but the lack of pricing transparency brings them down.