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RTS Financial Invoice Factoring Review


There are a few benefits that companies get from working with RTS Financial for their invoice factoring needs. Same-day funding is one of the most appealing to customers, as they can get the money to conduct operations the day that RTS buys an invoice. They also offer free collections services and other types of business analytics to help their customers grow their business. Their online accounts provide easy access and show their customers exactly what’s going on with their money and invoices. Furthermore, the online portal allows companies to directly upload invoices to RTS Financial to get funding. Their funding levels are scalable, which means the service can grow with your business.


There are a few negative reviews about RTS Financial. The most common one has to do with not wanting to let customers out of contracts. One reviewer told us that they even had to hire a lawyer to get out of the last month of their contract. Other complaints had to deal with customer service. One reviewer told us that they were given false information about the rate and fee structure they can expect, and upon following up, the customer service agent admitted lying to them. We don’t have any evidence that this a widespread problem in the company or the actions of one employee, but it’s troubling to say the least.

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RTS Financial is a good option for invoice factoring services if you are prepared to deal with cancelation fees or if one of their industry specific programs works well for your particular business.