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Northwest Capital Invoice Factoring Review

Northwest Capital Invoice Factoring Review


Northwest Capital is an invoice factoring company based in Toledo, Ohio. It was founded in 1989 and works with staffing and trucking companies to provide revenue flow solutions so they can grow their businesses.


One of Northwest Capital’s greatest attributes is they operate a very easy to use website, which lets customers know the important information they’re looking for when researching factoring companies. Our research equates this with a higher level of customer service.

Northwest Capital sports another positive trait, which is that they were praised by many customers for the quality of their customer service. This is a good sign, as companies that have good customer service generally also have better marks for customer satisfaction based on the research we did on invoice factoring companies.

Finally, they can help many different companies find the right factoring solution for their specific needs. This is because their service is very flexible and can accomadate the issues that many different businesses face.


However, there are some issues with Northwest Capital. The first is they lack the information that businesses interested in factoring need to be able to compare their services to their competitors. As a result, we don’t have the information we need to do a fair apples to apples comparison, costing them points in our review.

Northwest Capital also suffers because their fees are on the high end of what we expect in the industry. This brings them down a few marks because fees can be a red flag for other pricing transparency issues. Greater fees also relate to lower customer satisfaction in our research.

Finally, they only provide recourse factoring, leaving your company at risk of a large chargeback if your client doesn’t pay their bill. This situation can result in cash-on-hand issues for many businesses and we don’t recommend it if non-recourse factoring is an option.


Northwest Capital is a middle of the pack style invoice factoring company. They get the job done, but there’s nothing exceptionally great about them. Check them out as a good comparison metric, they may even have some of the best rates for your business.