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Nationwide Transport Finance Invoice Factoring Review

Nationwide Transport Finance Invoice Factoring Review


Nationwide Transport Finance is an invoice factoring company based in Las Vegas, NV. They focus exclusively on the trucking industry and offer many additional services to go along with invoice factoring, including credit checks, fuel cards, collections, and archiving services.


One of Nationwide Transport Finance’s strongest aspects is they have a very professional and easy to use website. Our research indicates that this is a solid predictor of the type of service customers receive, and helps them move up a bit relative to other companies we reviewed.

Nationwide Transport Finance is also strong in that they have non-recourse factoring. This means that the factoring company can’t issue a chargeback on money paid out if your client doesn’t pay their invoice. This setup ensures a reliable  and predictable revenue stream that will help businesses grow.

Finally, they received excellent marks for customer service. We found their representatives to be well informed and knoweldgeable, and were able to answer our questions. Better customer service usually leads to better customer satisfaction according to our researc


However, there are some issues with Nationwide Transport Finance. The first is they don’t have much or any information on their site regarding pricing on contract information. As a result you’ll have to get in touch with them if you’re considering their factoring services. much or any information on their site regarding pricing on s that lack transparency are moer likely to have customer service satisfaction issues.

Nationwide Transport Finance also suffers because their discount rate is on the high end, reducing the amount of money your company gets from its invoices. This can be a problem if your business runs on a tight profit margin, and knocks them down a bit in our review.

Finally, their fees are more than you would expect from an invoice factoring company, and that may be a deterrent for many small businesses. Moreover, fees usually indicate that there might be other issues with pricing transparency or customer service.


Nationwide Transport Finance are a good choice for trucking invoice factoring. They offer non-recourse funding and a host of other services to benefit their customers. They could be one of the best if they would publish more information about their rates and fees.