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Invoice Factoring Companies In Wichita, KS

Wichita is probably Kansas’ most famous city. Its popularity in recent years has resulted in a wealth of small business owners moving to the area. If you’re one of these small business owners, you may be trying to find the best way to finance your business. Invoice factoring is an alternative form of finance that allows the borrower to avoid debt. Instead of taking out a loan, you sell your invoices in advance to a factoring service who then collects the invoice at a later date. This is a great way of bridging gaps in cash flow. We have researched the best factoring services that cater to the Wichita area.

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TransAm Financial Services

TransAm Financial Services are a factoring company located in Kansas that service many Wichita companies. Unfortunately, they typically only work with freight companies, but if this is a component of your business you may still be eligible. They provide 24-hour funding services for their existing clients.

Assist Financial Services

Assist Financial Services are another freight based factoring service that help businesses in Wichita. They also provide their clients with 24-hour funding. In addition, they have an online portal that allows you to automatically upload invoices for processing. They’re a great option for someone looking for a national partner with tech capabilities.

North Mill Capital

North Mill Capital are a Northeast based factoring service that have a large client base in the Midwest, including Wichita. They work with companies across almost any industry, and therefore may be a better choice than TransAm despite their lack of physical local presence. They let you report your invoices online and have a great reputation amongst their customer base. They’ve been operating across the nation for over 20 years – experience is one of their main strengths.


Wichita may be small but it has plenty of factoring services to choose from. While many local providers are focused on the freight industry, North Mill Capital provides services for almost any industry and have a large client base in the area.

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