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Invoice Factoring Companies In West Adams, CO

West Adams, Colorado is the westernmost part of Adams County, Colorado. The area is known for its proximity to Denver. It is effectively an extension of the largest city in Colorado. It is home to over 450,000 residents who make up a mix of different employees and business owners. If you happen to be one of the business owners in the area, you may find your revenue falls when the ski season terminates. Instead of going to the bank for a traditional business loan, consider invoice factoring as the potential perfect solution to your problem. You can sell your invoices in advance to a factoring service – they’ll give you upfront cash and collect the invoice once it matures. Here are some of the county’s best factoring services.

Bibby Financial Services

Bibby Financial Services is one of the oldest factoring services in the world. They have over a century of experience helping finance companies. They also have international invoicing services if you have an international client base. If you want the experience of a large provider, Bibby is one of the best options in the United States.

KCM Factors

KCM Factors is a Denver based factoring service that will work with any industry in the area. They have a large client base in Adams County. Don’t hesitate to contact them in regards to your factoring needs – they have national experience and a strong reputation in the industry.


If you are involved in the organic food industry in Colorado, chances are you find that you have gaps in cash flow depending on which season it is. Benefactor is a factoring service that caters directly to the organic food industries in Colorado. If you fall into this category they’re the best choice on the market.


Businesses in West Adams, Colorado have three great services that cater to the area. KCM is great for those who want a local provider. Benefactor is also great for those looking for face-to-face interaction with their factoring service. Although you can only work with them if you operate in the organic food industries. Bibby Financial Services is perfect for those who want the reliability of a large partner.