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Invoice Factoring Companies In Washington, DC

Washington DC is our nation’s capital, but it doesn’t only play host to politicians and government. The area has a thriving small business culture that has been perpetuated by increases in government investment. If you’ve opened a business in Washington DC, you may find that finding access to finance is one of the hardest parts of running your business. Invoice factoring is a great way to help you receive finance for your business without having to take on any additional debt. You simply sell your invoice to a factoring company and they provide you with an upfront fee in exchange for collecting the invoice on your behalf. We’ve compiled a list of Washington DC’s top factoring companies so that you don’t have to.

Creative Capital Associates

Creative Capital Associates is one of the oldest factoring firms catering to the Washington DC Area. They have been in operation since 1980. They mainly work with companies working in the technology sector but take on factoring for a wide variety of small businesses. If you’re looking for a local partner with lengthy experience, Creative Capital Associates may be your best bet.

Paragon Financial

Paragon Financial is a large, nationwide factoring service that has a strong client base in Washington DC. They are a well-established factoring company with a wealth of industry experience. If you’re looking for a large financing institution to be part of your factoring solution, Paragon Financial may be one of your best options. They also have an online chat service so you can speak with representatives at any time.

Milberg Factoring

Milberg Factoring is one of the world’s most established factoring companies. They provide services across the United States, particularly in the North East. If you are a Washington DC based company with an overseas client base, Milberg may be the best option for you. They have years of experience collecting international invoices.


Washington DC uses factoring services from both local companies and nationwide powerhouses. Milberg and Paragon are great for companies looking for large factoring services with a wealth of experience. Creative Capital is more suited for a small business wanting a local financier.