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Invoice Factoring Companies In Toledo, OH

Toledo, Ohio has traditionally been overshadowed by both Cleveland and Cincinnati. In recent times, Toledo’s business community has taken off, they have a wide variety of industries present in the area. Are you a business owner who is sick of the effort it takes to get traditional financing for your firm? If so, you should consider invoice factoring as a potential way to get your company the capital it needs to operate efficiently. Invoice factoring is one of the most effective ways to get capital for your business. Factoring firms will purchase your unpaid invoices in exchange for a cash advance. You can use this money to help you run your business, and the factoring company will collect the money directly from your client. We’ve researched some of Toledo, Ohio’s best invoice factoring services.

Northwest Capital

Northwest Capital is the largest locally owned factoring company in Toledo, Ohio. They primarily deal with clients who have a background in either freight or the staffing industry. They will work with other local companies to help them find the financing structure they need to operate effectively. You can head into their office for a face-to-face meeting or apply directly through their site.

MP Star Financial

MP Star Financial is the largest local factoring service in Ohio. Although it’s not located in Toledo, it has its headquarters nearby in Cleveland, Ohio. They also have an online chat service that you can use to make enquiries about the factoring process prior to applying. You can ask for a quote directly through their website. They service almost any industry in Ohio.

1st Commercial Credit

1st Commercial Credit is a large factoring service that operates nationally. They have a client base in Toledo, Ohio. You can apply for funding directly through their website or give them a call if you’d like to discuss options in more detail.


Toledo, Ohio may be a small city but there are plenty of factoring services to choose from. Northwest Capital is the most popular in the area given it is located in Toledo. MP Start Financial and 1st Commercial Credit both have great reputations throughout the country.