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Invoice Factoring Companies In Tampa, FL

Tampa, Florida is often considered one of the smaller major cities in the state of Florida. Although it isn’t as large as Miami, Tampa has become a popular destination for retirees. With that has come a wave of new businesses looking to capitalize on the area’s newfound residents. If you’re one of these business owners, you may find it is difficult to get the funding you need for your daily operations. Invoice factoring is a great way to bypass traditional lending to get the money you need. Factoring companies purchase your invoices and give you upfront capital. They collect the money directly from your client once the invoice matures. Here are some of the great invoice factoring services catering to Tampa, Florida.


BB&T is a Miami based factoring service that also caters to clients in Tampa. They work with clients across any industry and can also collect international invoices from clients who have overseas customer bases. They also offer a range of other financial solutions – if you’re looking for more than just factoring service, this could be a great choice.


ExpoCredit is another Miami based factoring service that has a client base in Tampa. They too work with almost any industry on the market. Like BB&T they have the ability to collect international invoices, making them another solid option for clients with overseas customers. They’ve been in operation since 1996.

Action Capital Corporation

Action Capital Corporation are a national factoring service located in nearby Atlanta, Georgia. They work with firms from all over the country to help improve funding streams. They primarily cater to manufacturing clients but will take on invoices from a wide variety of industries.


Tampa has a great selection of national and local factoring providers. For those looking for additional financial solutions, BB&T is your best option. Those wanting international invoice factoring should opt for either BB&T or ExpoCredit. Action Capital Corporation is another large factoring service that caters to the area.