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Invoice Factoring Companies in Staten Island, NY

Staten Island is one of the most thriving parts of New York. Although it is less well known than some of the region’s larger boroughs, it has a thriving business community made up of largely small business owners. Are you one of Staten Island’s small business owners? You may find it hard to get the capital you need to effectively run your business. Many business owners use traditional loans to finance their operations, but this forces your company to take on unnecessary debt. Invoice factoring is an alternative form of finance that allows you to sell your invoices to a factoring company for a cash advance. This article overviews some of the best factoring companies in Staten Island.

Milberg Factors

Milberg Factors is one of the United States’ largest factoring services. It has a head office in New York that helps local clients, including companies in Staten Island. The firm charges slightly higher rates than some of their competitors, but this is due to their wealth of experience in the factoring industry. They are also well versed in collecting invoices from overseas. If you have complex factoring needs, Milberg can find solutions.

Porter Capital

Porter Capital is another factoring service that caters to the Staten Island area. They have an office presence in New York, along with several other states throughout the country. If you run a business in an industry that is not typical to New York, Porter Capital has plenty of experience throughout the nation working in specific niches.

Alliance One

Alliance One is another factoring service located in New York – they are well known for providing 24-hour capital services for approved clients. They have an online document processing portal that allows you to automatically upload invoices and have them approved.


Staten Island benefits largely by being located in New York. The area is home to some of the nation’s largest finance providers. Milberg Factors is by far the most reputable name in the game. Porter Capital and Alliance One both offer competitive rates and can get you cash quickly once your approved.