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Invoice Factoring Companies In St. Louis, MO

St. Louis is a large city in Missouri with over 300,000 people living in its metropolitan area. It sits alongside the Mississippi river and is home to a range of Fortune 500 companies. The area also has an exciting small business scene that has become increasingly lucrative in recent years. If you happen to be one of these small business owners, you may find you want additional capital to expand your business. Traditional bank loans can be hard to attain, especially if you’re a relatively young business. Invoice factoring is a type of financing that allows you to sell unpaid invoices to a factoring service in exchange for cash. It’s a great way to get the money you need without taking on debt. Here are some of the most reliable factoring services catering to businesses in St. Louis.

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Elite Factoring

Elite Factoring is a factoring service based in St. Louis, Missouri. They work with local businesses to help the attain the finance they need to continue running smoothly. They also happen to have some of the largest advance rates in the industry – they can get you up to 95% of you invoices value. They have a full list of the type of companies they fund on their website.

St. Louis Factoring

St. Louis Factoring is another local factoring service headquartered in the heart of the city. They’re primary goal is to help small businesses in the area improve their cash flow. You can’t apply for a quote online but if you give them a call they can discuss how they are able to get cash for your business.

TCI Capital

TCI Capital is a national factoring service that has a strong presence in St. Louis. They’ve been working with businesses in the area for a number of years. They have an online login portal that clients can use to automatically upload and track invoices they have submitted for factoring.


St. Louis has a mix of local and national factoring choices. Elite Factoring and St. Louis Factoring are two great local options. Elite has some of the highest advance rates in the nation. TCI Capital is a national service with decades of experience helping factor invoices across the nation.

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