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Invoice Factoring Companies In South Coast, CA

South Coast, California is an area in Southern California that runs along the Pacific Ocean. Two of the counties included in the South Coast are Ventura County and Orange County. The area is known for its popularity with tourists. If you’re a business owner in the region, you may find that your working capital decreases during slow seasons. You can sell your unpaid invoices to a factoring company in exchange for capital. It’s a great way to get the money you need when business is slow. We’ve researched some of the best factoring services in the area so that you don’t have to.

Graystone Capital

Graystone Capital is a factoring service that operates with businesses all across South Coast, California. They are located in Campbell, California. They typically work with businesses that have smaller factoring needs. If you have an invoice over $1m they may not be willing to take you on board. They’re the perfect partner for a small company who wants a local factoring service.

Duvera Financial

Duvera Financial is another California based factoring service located in California. They’re headquartered in the city of Carlsbad. Like Graystone Capital, they prefer to work with small businesses. They specialize in manufacturing but are will to look at invoices of any nature. They have digital invoicing services that allow you to streamline your factoring requirements.

Transfac Capital

Transfac Capital is a national factoring service with an office in California. They work with businesses in any industry. They can deposit money into the accounts of their clients within 24-hours of approval. They’ve been in operation since 1942 – they’re one of the area’s most experienced factoring services.


Don’t let shortages in capital impact your business. Any of the companies mentioned in this article can help your firm get the funding it needs. Small businesses should opt for Duvera or Graystone Capital as they specialize in attaining finance for smaller operations.