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Invoice Factoring Companies In South Aurora, CO

South Aurora, Colorado is the southern part of the city of Aurora. It is considered an extension of nearby Denver, Colorado. The area is home to businesses operating in both natural resources and tourism. It is only a short drive away from some of the nation’s best slopes. If you own a business in South Aurora and find it difficult to attain the financing you need to run your business, you should consider invoice factoring. You can sell you invoices to a factoring service in exchange for a cash advance. Because they collect the money directly from your client, they have more interest in your client’s ability to pay than your credit history. Here are some of South Aurora’s most popular factoring services.

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If you own a business in South Aurora, Colorado there is a large chance you work in the organic food industry. If this is the case, Benefactor is the best company for you to work with. They offer their clients expertise in the organic food industries. Unfortunately, if you don’t work in this industry you won’t be able to receive their services.

KCM Factoring

KCM Factoring is another Denver based factoring service. They have a large client base in South Aurora, chances are they have worked with companies just like yours to get them the financing they need to run their business. You can call them directly for a quote, or meet them face-to-face at their office in Denver.

1st Commercial Credit

1st Commercial Credit is a national factoring service that provides factoring for a range of different Colorado based businesses. They offer some of the lowest fees in the entire nation. Some of their clients pay only .69% of their invoice in fees. This is a great option if you’re looking for a large provider with low fees.


KCM Factoring and Benefactor are great if you want a local partner to work with. Although you have to work in the organic food industry if you want to work with Benefactor. 1st Commercial Credit is the perfect partner for companies looking for low fee factoring solutions.

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