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Invoice Factoring Companies In San Jose, CA

San Jose is one of California’s most thriving cities. The area is a known for its diversity and entrepreneurial spirit. Are you a small business owner in San Jose, California? If so, you may suffer from gaps in cash flow because of long invoicing periods or laid back clients. Instead of applying for a small business loan, you can get finance firms to purchase your invoices in advance for a small reduction. They will then collect the invoice from your client directly once it is due. This is a great way for small firms to be able to have access to capital without taking on any additional debt. We’ve outlined some of San Jose’s best invoice factoring companies.

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The Capital Gardens

The Capital Gardens is an independent factoring company that caters to the San Jose region. The firm is a new invoice factoring company that provides assistance to small businesses throughout California. The Capital Gardens also provides clients with advice on better maintaining their working capital. They provide multi-facetted solitons to common financing issues. You can request a free quote through their website.

Fastar Funding

Fastar Funding is a regional factoring company based in Arizona — although they provide services to various other regions in the West including San Jose. Fastar Funding has experience across a broad range of industries that are sure to include the area your business currently operates in. They have a team of on location consultants that can help you receive the exact type of financing you need.

Riviera Financial

Riviera Financial is another regional factoring company that provides services to companies in the West of the United States. They have an office located in San Jose – you can call them directly if you’d like to speak with their on-site team. They also have an online portal that allows you to provide details for a quote.


San Jose plays host to a range of different factoring companies. They are fortunate enough to benefit from companies who all have on-site offices – this allows you to meet face-to-face with your financier. If you’re looking for additional services and advice, The Capital Gardens can provide you with wealth building consulting.

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