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Invoice Factoring Companies In San Francisco, CA

San Francisco has become synonymous with business. The city has been thriving over the past two decades due to the tech and healthcare industries it hosts. If you’re a small business owner in the region you probably spend a lot of time attaining finance to continue your operations. This doesn’t need to be the case. Invoice factoring companies take the stress out of finance by purchasing your invoices from you for cash, they then collect payments directly from your clients. This is an innovative way to receive cash without having to accrue debt. Here are some of the best invoice factoring companies working with clients in San Francisco.

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BlueVine is a factoring company located in Redwood City, California. The firm works predominantly with San Francisco based companies and has developed a reputation as one of the region’s leading providers of alternative finance. They are a tech-based finance firm that has invested heavily in their online interface. They are considered one of the nation’s most streamlined factoring services. They also offer businesses lines of credit depending on suitability.

1st Commercial Credit

1st Commercial Credit is an online factoring company that has become popular in many of California’s most densely populated regions. If you’re a San Francisco based company that wants access to factoring at extremely low rates, consider 1st Commercial Credit your first port of call. They offer clients factoring at often less than 1% commission!

Bay View Funding

Bay View Funding is a factoring service that is located in San Jose. They have become increasingly popular with a variety of San Francisco based companies. They offer services to a range of different industries including trucking, wholesalers, manufacturing and hospitality. Head to their site to see if your business qualifies for one their financing options.


There are a range of different options available to San Francisco based companies looking to finance through factoring. If you want the lowest rates on the market consider 1st Commercial Credit. For those who want fully functional access to an online factoring portal, BlueVine is the industry leader.


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