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Invoice Factoring Companies In San Diego, CA

San Diego has become a recent hotbed for new start-ups and small businesses. While Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and Los Angeles are still considered the state’s most business-friendly regions, San Diego isn’t far behind. If you’re a small business owner in the area you may be looking for an alternative form of finance to fund your operations. Factoring companies can provide you with upfront capital in exchange for your current invoices. They will purchase your invoices at a small reduction and then collect them directly from your clients. Here are some of the top invoice factoring companies in San Diego.

Primary Funding

Primary Funding is a local San Diego finance provider that offers factoring services to their clients. They help a range of different clients; some are start-ups while others are mid-sized firms operating with over $15m in annual revenue. If you want a local provider that can give your company time and thoughtful assistance, consider Primary Funding.


DBR is a mid-sized factoring company that has offices in San Diego. They cater to smaller companies that find it difficult to obtain normal types of finance. If you have credit problems, DBR can use your client’s payment history to help you get financing quickly.

TCI Capital

TCI Capital is a national organization that caters to regions in California, including San Diego. The firm is the largest factoring firm out of the three mentioned on this page. They have been providing customers with factoring support since 1974 – they have expertise in a range of industries. If you’re looking for a factor with industry experience, TCI Capital should be your first choice in San Diego.


As mentioned previously, if you’re a large firm looking for experience then you should opt to get financing from TCI Capital. The company has a longstanding reputation for excellence amongst large American firms. But if you’re looking for a more hands-on approach from your factoring firm then DBR and Primary Funding may better provide you with the service you desire.