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Invoice Factoring Companies In San Antonio, TX

Could Your Company Benefit From Factoring?

San Antonio, Texas is a city run by small businesses. If you’re a business owner in the area that has outstanding invoices but needs to meet short-term costs, consider invoice factoring as a form of financing. Invoice factoring firms give you money up front and then collect the invoice from your client directly. They’re more concerned with your client’s credit than yours, which can make it an easy form of finance to attain. This article will provide you with some of the most reputable invoice factoring companies in San Antonio.

TCI Business Capital

TCI are a large factoring company with a presence in San Antonio. They specialize in many different invoicing types that are natural to the region: pipelines, trucking, freight, and oilfield services. TCI is probably the largest invoice factoring company in the San Antonio region. If you work in the energy industry they will be able to offer a wide variety of financing opportunities.

Caprock Funding

Caprock Funding is a Texas based factoring company that has a presence in both Houston and San Antonio. They specialize in helping businesses that are either starting out or recovering from financial issues. If you are having problems paying debts or invoices Caprock can provide factoring assistance catered to your needs.

Riviera Financial

Riviera Financial is another Texas based factoring company that services the majority of the state’s major cities. The company specializes in providing cash flow to small businesses in Texas’ major hubs. They have an extensive client base in San Antonio that mainly consist of freight and energy firms. Their websites consists of different case studies of clients who have benefited from their services.


Larger businesses in San Antonio may want to consult TCI Business Capital for their factoring needs. While smaller, less established companies should look into more specialized factoring firms such as Caprock Funding and Riviera Financial.