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Invoice Factoring Companies In Queens, NY

If you’re a business currently operating in Queens, NY there’s a chance that you may benefit from invoice factoring. Factoring companies purchase your invoices in advance at a reduced rate and then collect the payment from your client directly. They’ll often want to research your client’s viability and payment history to ensure they will be able to collect payment. This can be a great financing option as it prevents you from having to take on any debt. The following companies are some of the best invoice factoring companies in Queens, NY.

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Milberg Factors

Like most other areas of New York, Milberg Factors caters to large businesses looking for flexible financing options. Milberg is one of the power players in the factoring industry. They prefer having long-term relationships with well-established clients. The company makes considerable effort to understand your industry and how their financing options can be beneficial to your firm. If you’re a large firm you should prioritize researching Milberg if you are located anywhere in New York.

Factor King

Factor King caters to the Queens, NY and provides small businesses with short-term finance solutions. They have streamlined their services to an online portal that means you can apply for funding directly through their site. Decisions are also made via their online portal, which can speed up application speeds if you are in need to quick funding.

Express Trade Capital

Express Trade Capital is another New York based factoring firm that caters to the Queen area. They provide their clients with access to 24-hour funding. They have been a privately held company since 1993 and have developed a loyal customer base within the city.


For established companies in Queens there is no better option than Milberg Factors. But if you or your clients have less established credit histories you may be better off sourcing factor funding from Factor King.

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