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Invoice Factoring Companies In Portland, OR

Portland, Oregon is one of the North West’s most populated areas. It has developed a trendy culture borne out of the grunge scene in the early 90’s. The area is home to an interesting collective of small businesses that give the city it’s unique reputation. Are you a Portland business owner that struggles with short-term funding? If so, you should consider invoice factoring a potential solution to your problem. Invoice factoring companies purchase your unpaid invoices and collect them at a later date. They provide you with capital upfront in exchange for collecting payment directly from your client. In this article, we provide a list of some of Portland’s most trusted invoice factoring firms.

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Universal Funding Corporation

Universal Funding Corporation is a factoring company located in the state of Washington that also services Portland, Oregon. The service has a great reputation with their clients – they have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. They provide factoring, along with lines of credit, to help their clients meet a range of financing needs. If you’re looking for multiple financial solutions, Universal Funding is a reliable option.

Steelhead Finance

Steelhead Financial is an Oregon based factoring service that caters to companies in Portland. They primarily work with companies operating within the manufacturing and production industries, although they will work with clients from various backgrounds. As they have been in operation since 1981, they are one of Portland’s most experienced factoring services.

Transfac Capital

Transfac Capital is another one of Portland’s factoring services. They work with clients from a diverse range of industries – no matter what area your company operates in, Transfac will be able to help you. They are headquartered in California, but have local offices in Oregon to facilitate their regional client base.


Portland has a group of factoring services that will be able to help almost any small business. All the factoring services in this article have a local presence – this ensures you can meet with your factoring partner face-to-face. Transfac and Steelhead both have decades of experience helping companies attain finance – if you’re looking for experience choose between these two.

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