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Invoice Factoring Companies In Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh is a large city in the west of Pennsylvania. The city’s economy has traditionally been made up of steel and electronics manufacturing, but changes in the world economy have made it switch its focus. The city has adapted to a small business culture that has allowed it to continue its prosperity. If you’re one of the small business owners in the area, you may find it difficult to retain continual finance for your business. Instead of taking out a loan, consider invoice factoring as a way to alleviate your financial problems. You can sell your invoices to a factoring firm in return for an upfront payment. You don’t even need to take on any debt. Here are some of Pittsburgh’s most popular invoice factoring services.

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GMA Factoring

GMA Factoring is a local factoring service located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They also provide customers with other types of finance if you’re looking for more than just factoring. They’re members of the International Factoring Association and have a strong reputation in the industry.


altLINE is a national factoring service with a customer base in Pittsburgh. They have experience working across a wide variety of industries. They work with businesses of any size. They are an extension of the The Southern Bank Company – they also provide other financial solutions through their parent company. They have a list of case studies on their website for those interested in how factoring can be of help.

MP Star Financial

MP Star Financial is located in Cleveland, Ohio but they work with businesses in Pittsburgh as well. They work with dozens of industries in the area. They have a triple B rating from the Better Business Bureau. They also have a free e-book on factoring for those who want to know more before deciding to apply.


Pittsburgh is fortunate enough to have a great variety of factoring services on hand. GMA Factoring is the major local provider, they have a loyal customer base in the area. altLINE and MP Star Financial aren’t located in the area but work with numerous businesses across any industry.

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