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invoice factoring company reviews

Invoice Factoring Companies In Phoenix, AZ

Do you have inconsistent business cycles? Do your clients often take long to pay their invoices? If so, you should consider contacting an invoice factoring company that can purchase your invoices at a reduced rate and collect the money from your client directly. It can be a great way to receive financing without having to take on any actual debt. This article will overview some of the top invoice factoring companies in Phoenix.

Phoenix Capital Group

Phoenix Capital Group is a large factoring company located in Phoenix, Arizona. They primarily deal with freight companies so if you work in a smaller industry you may not be eligible to receive funding from their firm. If you do work in freight you should consider PCG as they are some of the most well-known specialists in the industry.

FSW Funding

FSW Funding is another reputable Phoenix based factoring firm. Unlike Phoenix Capital Group, FSW Funding cater to almost any industry in the region. Their website has a detailed list of different case studies they have participated in that show the benefits of their factoring programs.

CSI Factoring

CSI Factoring is an Arizona based factoring company that also facilitates the Tucson region. They have rates as low as .5% and can purchase invoices of up for $5m. The provide their customers with cash within 24 hours of approval of services. While CSI is considered a local provider, they do have quite high minimum invoice requirements. At present, your invoice buy out must be over $25,000 in order to apply for funding.


Phoenix has a host of different region specific factoring companies that can cater to almost any company’s requirements. Phoenix Capital Group deals primarily with freight companies and has an excellent reputation within the industry. On the other hand, FSW Funding can help almost any Arizona based business with their factoring needs.