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Invoice Factoring Companies In Orlando, FL

Orlando, Florida is one of America’s most popular destinations. It’s home to Disney World, amongst other world famous attractions. If you operate a business in the area, you are probably aware of the impact seasonal changes have on your income. Instead of going to a bank for a traditional loan, you can use invoice factoring to finance your business’s operations. Invoice factoring is the process of selling your unpaid invoices to a factoring company. They then own the rights to collect the invoice off your client once it matures. It’s a great way to get capital without taking on debt. Here are some of Orlando’s most popular factoring companies.


ExpoCredit is a factoring service located near Orlando in Miami, Florida. They work with clients in any industry regardless of size. They also have the ability to collect international invoices – if you have customers overseas they are a great choice. You can request a quote directly from their website. They have been in operation since 1996.


BB&T is a factoring provider with offices across Florida. They also operate as a full-service bank, meaning you can get any type of financial service you may need directly through their company. This is a great option for those who want a large financial provider for their factoring needs. Like ExpoCredit, BB&T can also collect international invoices.

TCI Business Capital

TCI Business Capital is a large scale national factoring provider that works with various businesses in the Orland region. They have an extensive client base around the nation that has allowed them to develop experience in almost every industry and sector. You can apply for funding directly through their website. They have an online client portal that allows you to upload invoices for automatic processing.


Businesses in Orlando should choose a factoring company based off what they want out of a partner. BB&T is great for those who want additional financial services. ExpoCredit has plenty of local industry knowledge. TCI Business Capital is best for those who want a factoring partner with the most nationwide experience.