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Invoice Factoring Companies In Omaha, NE

Omaha is known around the nation for many things, it is considered the home of college baseball. But outside of sports, Omaha also has a great local business community. If you’re a local business person in the area and you find it hard to get the working capital you need to continue your company’s operations, consider invoice factoring as a potential source of finance. Invoice factoring is the process of selling your invoices to a factoring company for a cash advance. It helps you avoid taking on debt while receiving the capital you need. We’ve researched Omaha’s best invoice factoring companies so you don’t have to.

Corporate Factoring Group

Corporate Factoring Group are a national invoice factoring company with a strong presence in Nebraska, including Omaha. They offer ‘quick quotes’ via their website or online quote portal. They fund most industries and also have a very low minimum invoice amount, $5000. They’re a great choice for a small business looking for a factoring partner to work with.


Foley is a local factoring company in Omaha, Nebraska. They are a relatively small operation and work mainly with freight and staffing companies. If you fall into one of these categories you should contact Foley as they have a local office which ensures you can meet face-to-face with your factoring company.

OCF Factoring

OCF Factoring is another national factoring provider that services companies in Omaha, Nebraska. They work with several companies in the area and typically fund most industries. They have a fully interactive website which will help you decide if factoring is right for your business. Definitely head to their page if you’re still unsure if you would like to use factoring to fund your operations.


Companies in Omaha that use factoring often choose between a number of national and local factoring providers. If you work in an obscure niche, use OCF or Corporate Factoring Group. For those in freight and staffing who want a local partner to collaborate with, Foley is a great option.