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Invoice Factoring Companies In Oakland, CA

Oakland is often considered the smaller brother of its neighboring city, San Francisco. But the rise of the tech industry in the region has meant Oakland has also benefited greatly economically. If you’ve opened a business in the region, you may be finding it difficult to get a loan from a traditional lender. Factoring companies will purchase you invoice in advance and give you the upfront capital you need. They then collect the invoice at a later date. If you want to avoid debt or lengthy credit checks, this is one of the best forms of finance on the market. These are some of the region’s best factoring providers.

Duvera Financial

Duvera Financial is a California based factoring service that caters to companies operating in Oakland. They specialize in helping small businesses find the best ways possible to fund their operations. Manufacturing is one of their main sources of business. Although they are happy to find solutions for almost any small business.

Graystone Capital

Graystone Capital is yet another small factoring service located in California. Despite being located in Campbell, they service companies in Oakland and neighboring regions. They have quite a high minimum invoice price, so they may not be the best option for those looking to service small invoices.

Abingdon Business Capital

Abingdon Business Capital is also located in Campbell, California. They work with a wide array of Oakland Companies. Unlike Graystone, they have a small minimum invoice amount that they work with, so they’re a potential option for small business owners. They have an online portal that you can upload your invoices to automatically for approval. They’re one of the best online based companies on this list.


As mentioned previously, Oakland has a wide array of small factoring services to choose from. Duvera is probably the most popular option out of the services on this list – they are truly committed to helping small businesses grow. Graystone should only be used by firms with large invoices to factor.