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Invoice Factoring Companies In Northwest Harris, TX

Northwest Harris, Texas is a part of Harris County, Texas. The County is located predominantly in the city of Houston. The area is famous for its Oil & Gas industry as well as its world class medical center. Harris County is host to the fourth largest city in the United States – it has seen some of the United States’ most rapid growth rates over the past decade. Increases in population have resulted in various small businesses appearing. If you’re one of these small business owners, you probably find it difficult to attain finance through traditional methods. Invoice factoring helps eliminate the hassle from the process – you simply sell your invoices to a factoring company for an upfront fee. It takes away the wait for your clients to pay their outstanding balances. This is a list of the most comprehensive factoring companies in Northwest Harris, Texas.

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American Commercial Capital

American Commercial Capital is one of Harris County’s leading factoring firms. They are headquartered in Houston, Texas. They are a popular choice amongst local businesses because of their commitment to getting approved clients capital advances within 24 hours. They are a member of the International Factoring Association (IFA).

New Century Financial

New Century Financial is another local factoring firm servicing Harris County. They are located just north of Houston in the Woodlands. They are a multi-faceted factoring firm that deals primarily with Oil & Gas companies. They welcome invoices from any industry — they also have experience in technology and recruitment.

Integra Funding Solutions

Integra Funding Solutions is a smaller factoring firm that is also located in Texas. It doesn’t fall directly in Harris County, but is located nearby in Arlington, Texas. The firm likes to work with small businesses, primarily in the technology industry. They’re relatively new to the industry, the company was founded in 2010. Their reputation has grown swiftly due to their commitment to client satisfaction.


Northeast Harris, Texas has the benefit of being located throughout parts of Houston. The large Oil & Gas city has plenty of financial institutions available for local businesses. If you’re looking for an experienced partner with a longstanding reputation, use American Commercial Capital or New Century Financial.

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