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Invoice Factoring Companies In Northeast Jefferson, CO

Northeast Jefferson, Colorado is a county in Colorado that includes some of Denver’s metropolitan area. The region has a population of over 500,000 residents. The local economy mainly consists of energy companies and the tourism industry. Because of how popular the Rocky Mountains have become with out-of-state visitors, Northeast Jefferson County has been welcoming small business owners from around the country. If you’re one of these small business owners, you should consider invoice factoring to cover seasonal tourism gaps in cash flow. Factoring companies purchase you invoices in advance and collect the payment from your client directly. The fee is normally as low as 1%. We’ve done some research — here are some of Northeast Jefferson, Colorado’s most popular invoice factoring services.

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KCM Factor

KCM Factor is a Denver based factoring service that provides funding for several Northeast Jefferson County clients. They’re popular for two main reasons. Firstly, they can get you working capital within 24 hours of approval. Secondly, they have a minimum of only $5,000 per invoice, meaning they are one of the most attractive small business factoring companies on the market.

Riviera Funding

Riviera Funding is a national factoring provider that primarily deals with customers on the West Coast and Colorado. Riviera suggests you sign up as a client before you have an invoice that needs factoring. This is because existing clients have access to 24-hour funding. Why wait? Signing up is free.


Benefactor is one of the region’s most unique factoring services. They exclusively help small businesses create funding plans for continual growth. In addition, they only work with clients in the organic food industry. If you happen to be an organic food provider, Benefactor is an expert in your field.


KCM Factor and Benefactor are both great local options for Northeast Jefferson County. If you’re not an organic food producer you won’t be eligible to use Benefactor. Riviera Funding is a great online factoring service that allows you sign up in advance of needing funding – you’re then eligible for 24-hour funding.

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