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Invoice Factoring Companies In North Coast, CA

North Coast, California is one of the most scenic areas in the state of California. It takes up the land running between the top of San Francisco and the bottom of Oregon. The region is home to many small business owners that cater to the local tourism industries, as well as a range of other companies. If you are one of these owners, you may want to consider invoice factoring as a great alternative form of financing. Invoice factoring is the process of selling invoices to a factoring company that give you upfront capital. They then go directly to your client to collect the invoice once it matures. We’ve made a list of some of the best factoring companies in the North Coast, California region.

Orange Commercial Credit

Orange Commercial Credit is located just north of North Coast, California. They are headquartered in Washington State. They specialize in helping small businesses grow through funding arrangements. They’re the perfect option for a small rural business in the region.

Milberg Factors

If you work in agriculture, or any other industry that has an international client base, Milberg Factors might be one of your best options. They help companies collect overseas invoices — they have offices on almost every continent on the planet. They have around 100 years of experience helping clients find financial solutions for their businesses.


Benefactor is a factoring service located in Colorado that also works with companies in California. They work exclusively with firms operating in the organic food industry. If you happen to be one of these companies, Benefactor can do wonders for your business. Many firms operating in North Coast, California will be able to greatly increase their funding if they meet the Benefactor client requirements.


Although North Coast, California is rural, they have a large amount of factoring firms to choose from. If your business operates in the organic food industry there is no better choice than Benefactor. Those with international clients should opt for Milberg. Orange Commercial Credit is also a nearby factoring service with years of experience.