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Invoice Factoring Companies In Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee is the state of Wisconsin’s largest city – it is one of the Midwest’s most populated cities. If you’re one of the thousands of small business owners in the area, you may find it difficult to get the working capital you need to run your business. Instead of wasting time with lengthy bank loan applications, you should consider using an invoice factoring company to provide you with capital. Invoice factoring is the process of selling your company’s invoices in exchange for upfront capital. Many companies in Wisconsin are currently using this method to get the working capital they need. Here is some information on Milwaukee’s top invoice factoring companies.

Tricom Funding

Tricom Funding is one of Wisconsin’s local factoring companies that provides clients with finance solutions. They have a range of different types of financing they can provide you with. They typically work with companies in the staffing industry, but may be able to help you if you are working in another industry. Head to their website to get a quote and see if your company is a suitable fit.

Invoice Factoring Group

Invoice Factoring Group is a national factoring service with clientele in Milwaukee. They are known for providing clients with advances of up to 90%. Because of this, they typically charge a rate of around 1.5%, which is low considering the benefits but slightly high compared to competitors.

Charter Capital Funding

Charter Capital is one of America’s largest factoring services. They work with plenty of businesses in Wisconsin to provide additional cash flow when needed. They have a large capacity, so if you have large invoices that other factors won’t consider, try Charter Capital Funding. One downside is that they don’t accept any invoices that are overdue – but this is quite typical in the industry.


If you’re a small business owner in Milwaukee, you have a broad range of options if you decide to employ factoring within your business. Large firms should approach Charter Capital as they have an extremely large capacity. If you want a large upfront advance, Invoice Factoring Group provides some of the highest advance percentages in the industry.