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Invoice Factoring Companies In Miami, FL

Miami is one of the United States’ most premier destinations for holidays and music. It hosts some of the largest festivals on earth, including Ultra Music Festival. The city is also home to many major-league sports teams, as well as some of the nation’s best beaches. The city is home to many thriving businesses. If you’re one these business owners you may find it difficult to get the funding you need. Invoice factoring can alleviate this problem without requiring your business to take on any additional debt. Factoring companies purchase your unpaid invoices in exchange for additional upfront capital. Miami has many great factoring services that cater to their businesses, this is a list of them.

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ExpoCredit is one of Miami’s largest local providers of factoring services. They work with clients across a diverse range of industries that are sure to include your company’s niche. They have an online reporting service that streamlines your invoice processing efforts. The only downside is they can sometimes take longer to deposit funding than many competitors.


BB&T is another local Floridian factoring service that boasts its ability to cater to almost any industry. They provide their customers with tailored factoring solutions to provide the best funding platform possible. They have been in operation since 1872, and are therefore one of the most experience factoring companies in the area.

Milberg Factors

Given how international Florida is, you may find that you have overseas invoices that you need to be paid for. Milberg Factors has offices all across the globe and specializes in factoring international invoices. If you’re a company that has a client base out of the United States, definitely consider Milberg Factors as one of your best factoring solutions companies.


Miami has plenty of local and national factoring providers. International firms should opt to work with Milberg, as they provide the best international recovery services. BB&T and ExpoCredit are perfect for those looking for face-to-face interaction with their factoring company.

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