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Invoice Factoring Companies In Mesa, AZ

Mesa is one of the larger suburbs in Phoenix, Arizona. It has a population of over 400,000 residents. Large local employers include Boeing and a range of healthcare providers. Despite being a suburb in Phoenix, Mesa has developed an economy of its own due to its size and popularity with newcomers. If you’re one of the small business owners that has played a part in expanding Mesa, you may find it too stressful applying for traditional finance. Invoice factoring is a unique financing option that allows businesses to sell their invoices in exchange for upfront capital. Better yet, your company receives cash without having to take on any debt. We’ve researched some of the best factoring services in Mesa.

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CSI Factoring

CSI Factoring is another great local option for Mesa residents. CSI is famous for its extremely low fees. They charge around .5% for their services – the industry standard is 1.5%. This may not seem like a lot, but it certainly makes a difference on large invoices. If you’re looking for a low-cost solution to your funding requirements, CSI is one of the nation’s best options.

FSW Funding

FSW Funding is one of Phoenix’s most reputable factoring services. They’re popular because they deal with invoices from almost any industry. If you work in a particular niche, consider FSW Funding when deciding what factoring service to use.

Southwest Funding Solutions

Southwest Funding Solutions is an Arizona based factoring service with over twenty years of operational experience. They’re happy to take on clients form any industry. In addition, they have experience recovering invoices from overseas. If you are a small business in Mesa with an international client base, Southwest Funding Solutions can purchase your invoices.


CSI Factoring is one of the best low cost factors on the market – and it’s located right at the foot of Mesa’s doorstep. FSW Funding and Southwest Funding Solutions are both solid local options for funding solutions. If you want experience collecting overseas invoices, head with Southwest.

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