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Invoice Factoring Companies In Memphis, TN

Memphis is one of the largest cities in Tennessee. Although it competes for superiority with its rival Nashville, the city of Memphis has become a thriving area with plenty of small business owners. If you’re a small business owner in the area then you probably have occasional problems with attaining finance. This can be even harder if your business has limited or poor credit history. Instead, look into contacting an invoice factoring company which can purchase your invoices in advance and then collect the money themselves. This can alleviate any short-term issues with cash flow. Here are some of Memphis’ most trusted invoice factoring companies.

Enoble Capital

Enoble Capital is a locally owned Memphis based factoring company. The firm has a wide variety of advantages associated with it. They offer 24-hour funding to their clients as well as offer digital invoice services that allow you to upload invoices for approval. They are a streamlined service that can help take the hassle out of factoring.

CapitalPlus Knoxville

CapitalPlus Knoxville is located close to Memphis in Knoxville, Tennessee. They cater to clients throughout the entire state. They primarily work with construction companies who suffer from short-term cash flow gaps. Although they do work within several other industries. Check out their website to see if your company is potentially suitable.

Nationwide Trucking

If you’re a trucking company, Nationwide Trucking may be one of the best solutions if you’re located in Memphis, Tennessee. The firm is headquartered in Nevada, but has a local office in Tennessee for customers operating out of Memphis and Nashville. Unfortunately, if you operate in a separate industry, Nationwide Trucking will not be able to help you.


Memphis has a few local factoring services that provide help with short-term cash flow gaps. Although, if you work in a specific niche you should research each factor before applying – some of them only offer financing to certain industries they specialize in.