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Invoice Factoring Companies In Manhattan, NY

Factoring companies across the country provide businesses with relief from short-term financing issues. If your company experiences gaps in cash flow, using invoice factoring may be able to provide with much needed capital. Invoice factoring companies purchase your invoices or accounts receivable upfront at a reduced cost and then collect the payment from your client directly. This can be particularly advantageous if you have clients that take long to pay their invoices. Here are some of the best factoring companies in Manhattan.

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Milberg Factors

Milberg Factors are synonymous with the factoring industry within the United States. They are one of the nation’s largest factoring firms and their office is located right in the middle of downtown. If you’re a reputable business in need of factoring services it’s hard not to find a reason to go with Milberg Factors. They also have offices in California and North Carolina.

DS-Concept Factoring

DS-Concept Factoring caters to small and medium sized firms. Despite its clientele, it has an international reach with over ten offices spread throughout the globe. Chances are if you own a business in Manhattan, you may have international clients. DS-Concept’s reach has the ability to help you on an international stage.

RMP Capital Corp

RMP Capital Corp is not an exclusive factoring provider. They offer a wide array of financial services for their clients. If you’re looking for factoring, you should consider RMP’s proximity to Manhattan along with their outstanding customer service reputation. They have in-depth industry knowledge that can help you determine the best financing options available to you.


If your business is located in Manhattan you have a range of large and reputable factoring firms to choose from. Considering they all have outstanding reputations in the industry, you should research their varying rates and fees to determine which firm to proceed with. As a NY based business you’re a spoiled for choice.

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