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Invoice Factoring Companies In Louisville, KY

Louisville, Kentucky is a city of approximately 250,000 residents located near the Indiana border. Its name is synonymous with the Louisville Slugger – America’s original baseball bat. The area has a diverse economy but is well known for its freight industry given its proximity to the Ohio River. If you’re a business owner in Louisville and you find it hard to get the working capital you need from traditional lenders, consider invoice factoring when you next need capital. You can sell unpaid invoices to various factoring companies for quick cash. They often only charge around a 1% fee – they’re then responsible for collecting your invoice at a later date. It’s a great way to avoid debt. This article outlines some of the top invoice factoring companies in the area!

Corporate Factoring Group

Corporate Factoring Group is a national factoring company with clients in Louisville, Kentucky. They are known for having some of the highest advances in the factoring industry. At present, they can get clients up to 95% of an invoice amount in advance. You can get a ‘quick quote’ through their website, they also have a hotline for those who want to discuss factoring more in-depth prior to making a decision.

Seven Oaks Capital

Seven Oaks Capital is another national factoring service with a presence in Louisville. If you’re one of the many freight related companies in the city, this could be your best option. Seven Oaks Capital is well known for their expertise in the freight industry – they help clients all over the nation. They also work with other industries, don’t hesitate to contact them for a quote!

North Mill Capital

North Mill Capital is a factoring service based in New Jersey. They have offices all throughout the Southwest – they currently have a substantial customer base in Kentucky. They’re considered experts in the factoring industry, anyone who wants a company with experience and a great reputation amongst clients should use North Mill Capital.


Louisville doesn’t have any locally based factorings services but they do have plenty of national operators. Those who want large upfront advances should opt for Corporate Factoring Group. North Mill Capital is a great option for companies who want a national provider with a local provider feel!