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Invoice Factoring Companies In Long Beach, CA

Could Your Company Benefit from Factoring?

If you’re a company that is looking for alternative forms of financing you may be interested in contacting a factoring company. Factors are companies that will pay you a percentage of one of your business’s uncollected invoices, they then collect the invoice from your client directly. This can be a useful way to receive capital if you have clients who often take considerable time to pay invoices. The factoring company will most likely research your client and their payment history prior to proceeding with any funding agreements. This is because your client is who is ultimately responsible for paying the invoice. This article will list some of the largest factoring companies in New York City.

Pacific Business Capital Corporation

Pacific Business Capital Corporation (PBCC) is a financial services provider in Costa Mesa, California. They work with several businesses in the Long Beach area. PBCC can provide you with factoring services no matter what industry you work in. If you have the details of an invoice you want factored, head to their website and input the details — they’ll give you a free quote!

UC Factors

UC Factors is another popular factoring service that has clients in Long Beach. They’re popular due to their experience working in hospitality, as well as a range of other industries. They’re the smallest of the factoring services in this article, but they can provide 24-hour funding to existing clients!

Bibby Financial Services

Bibby Financial Services is one of the world’s oldest factoring services – they were founded in the early 19th century. One of the primary reasons businesses use Bibby is their worldwide presence – they can collect factors from overseas clients if you have an international sales base. Because of their expertise, Bibby’s rates can often be higher than some of their smaller competitors. Make sure to get a range of quotes before deciding if they’re the best fit for your business.


PBCC and UC factors are great local providers with longstanding commitments to their client base. They provide quick access to cash, as well as free quotes for prospective clients. If you’re an international company, contact Bibby Financial Group as they are the most effective at collecting international invoices.