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Invoice Factoring Companies In Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, Florida is one of the coastal state’s largest cities. It is home to a well-established medical industry that employees thousands of people across the region. In addition, the city is home to thousands of small business owners. If you own a business in Jacksonville but struggle to maintain working capital during certain points of your business cycle, consider invoice factoring as a source of finance. Invoice factoring companies purchase your invoices in advance and collect them directly from your client. Here are some of the top invoice factoring companies currently servicing companies in Jacksonville, Florida.

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MP Star Financial

MP Star Financial is headquartered in Cleveland but has become prominent in the Jacksonville area. The company provides assistance to companies operating primarily in freight, and import and export businesses. They have experience collecting international invoices if you have a large international client base. If you’re a large business with complex invoicing needs, MP Star Financial will be able to assist you.

Paragon Financial

Paragon Financial has been assisting customers in Jacksonville for over 20 years. Paragon is a nationwide firm that has dedicated themselves to aiding businesses in a range of different industries. They have a dedicated Jacksonville help-desk that will ensure you are have personal assistance if you are ever in need of emergency finance.

ALT Line

ALT Line is a factoring service that is a subsidiary of Southern Bank Company. They work with clients in Jacksonville as well as the rest of Florida. They are experts on local industry and have the experience to help Florida based companies attain the type of finance they need. If you’re looking for a factor that has security of a large financial institution, make sure to contact ALT Line!


Jacksonville is no stranger to small businesses. The factoring companies mentioned in this article can help your business meet the capital requirements it needs. MP Star Financial is an internationally experienced factoring company that will be of best help if your company is large and complex. If you want local support and assurances, checkout ALT Line or Paragon Financial.


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