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Invoice Factoring Companies In Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis has often been overshadowed by Detroit within the state of Indiana. But the city has become one of the region’s most thriving centers as Detroit’s economy has declined. If you’re a business owner in the region you may suffer from seasonal gaps in cash flow. While many businesses seek to attain a business loan to help mitigate this problem, you should consider invoice factoring a helpful way of mitigating these gaps. Factoring companies give you money upfront in return for the rights to your clients’ invoices. Here are some of the best factoring companies that service companies based in Indianapolis.

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Invoice Factoring Group

Invoice Factoring Group is a factoring company operating in Indiana. They cater to a range of businesses, many of which are headquartered in Indianapolis. They are able to provide companies with advances of up to 85% of their outstanding invoices. In addition, they charge rates of less than 2% on their collected invoices. If you’re looking for a local company with outstanding rates, Invoice Factoring Group has you covered.

Fostrian Business Capital

Fostrian Business Capital is a finance company that offers factoring to clients based in Indianapolis. The firm is headquartered in Crown Point, Indiana. They offer clients 24 hours funding. In addition, they specialize in a range of industries including government contracting and manufacturing.

Invoice Advance

Invoice Advance is a national factoring company that has a large presence in Indiana. The firm is able to cater to a range of different financing terms and has experience across a broad range of industries. They also have an online calculator that helps you understand how much finance is available to you given the types of invoices you have outstanding.


Indianapolis has a multitude of top-notch factoring services to choose from. But if you’re looking for a factoring company with low rates and high advances, you’ll want to contact Invoice Factoring Group before anyone else!

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