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Invoice Factoring Companies In Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma City is the largest city in the state of Oklahoma. In recent years the city has expanded, even adding one of the nation’s top professional sports teams – The Oklahoma City Thunder. If you’re a business owner in the area that has just started operating, you may find it hard to attain traditional credit. Many business owners don’t realize that you can alleviate this problem by selling your invoices to a factoring company. These companies then give you upfront capital in exchange for the right to collect your invoice at a later date. Fees associated are often around 1%. Here are some of Oklahoma City’s best options for invoice factoring.

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altLine is a subsidiary of The Southern Bank Company and provides Oklahoma City businesses with factoring solutions. The also provide asset based lending to small businesses that need additional finance. If you want a factor provider with experience in the region, altLINE is a great option.

TBS Factoring

TBS Factoring is an Oklahoma City based factoring company that primarily deals with freight clients in the region. They have an online portal that clients can log into to track their factoring services and invoices. Unfortunately, if you are not a freight or trucking service, you won’t be able to use TBS Factoring. But remember that certain invoices in your business may involve freight – you can factor these through TBS.

Halo Capital Funding

Halo Capital Funding is another factoring company that services the Oklahoma City region. They offer a range of different factoring services for a diverse selection of industries. They are headquartered in Dallas, Texas but have many clients operating in the Oklahoma area. You can apply for a quote online and funds can typically be available within 24 hours of approval.


Oklahoma City is lucky to have a diverse mix of factoring companies that partner with businesses in the area. TBS Factoring is the primary locally owned factoring company in the city. altLINE is a great option for those who want additional financing outside of factoring.

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