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Invoice Factoring Companies In Houston, TX

Houston is one of America’s largest cities; there are a range of different businesses and industries that keep the city thriving. If you’re a business own in the Houston area, and you’re looking to help mediate cash flow problems, you should consider invoice factoring as an effective means of attaining financing. Invoice factoring companies purchase your invoices for a reduced cost and then collect the invoice’s balance from your client. This can help in financing short-term costs without having to take on debt. This article will overview some of the most popular factoring companies operating in Houston.

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American Commercial Capital

American Commercial Capital is a Houston based factoring firm hat has become one of the region’s most reputable names. They claim to be able to fund up to 80% of invoices prior to collection — they aim to provide all customers with funds within 24 hours of acceptance. They also have a simplistic one page application that makes the entire process pain-free.

Catamount Funding

Catamount Funding is a factoring company that was founded over 50 years ago. The company specializes in the trucking industry but will consider applications from any industry. Application forms can be found on their website and they have an online inquiry portal that can help answer any questions you may have directly.

Riviera Funding

Riviera Funding is a mid-sized factoring company that has a presence in a host of different Southern United States cities. Their main office is in Houston; they also provide other types of funding such as payroll funding and traditional business financing.


If you want a factoring firm with regional connections and a host of other options, Riviera Funding may be your best option. Catamount and American Commercial Capital are perfect firms for those looking for a local, reliable factoring company. Research each firm individually before deciding which is best for your current industry.

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