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Invoice Factoring Companies In Fresno, CA

Fresno is a large city in Southern California that caters to a range of agricultural industries in the region. Many small businesses have opened to provide services to the surrounding area. If you’re one of these small business owners and you find that you have seasonal gaps in your cash-flow, you should consider some alternative financing methods. Invoice factoring is an alternative means of getting working capital for your business. It’s the process of selling your invoices to a factoring company for an upfront cash payment. It’s a great way to get much needed money without taking on debt. We’ve researched factoring companies that service Fresno and compiled a list of the most reliable providers in the area.

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Duvera Financial

Duvera Financial is a California based factoring company that has a client base in Fresno. They are willing to take on invoices from almost any industry, although they do prefer to work with companies of a manufacturing background. They provide clients with the option of uploading invoices online for processing.


BlueVine is a factoring company located North of Fresno, near San Francisco. They are considered one of the most technologically advanced factoring companies on the market. They provide clients with a completely digital experience — you can get the funding you need without ever having to leave your desk.

Graystone Capital

Graystone Capital is another California based factoring company that has links with companies in Fresno. Although they offer a brick-and-mortar experience for those who want to meet with a representative, they have a relatively low maximum invoice amount. If you’re a company with invoices of over $1m, you’ll have to look somewhere else.


If you have small invoices and want a local factoring company, head to Graystone Capital for your factoring solutions. Otherwise, BlueVine and Duvera both provide great online tools for customers in Fresno. They’re also both located in California — you can be assured they understand your business!

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