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Invoice Factoring Companies In Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth, Texas lies directly West of Dallas. The city is often thought of as an extension to its larger neighbor, but it has developed a strong economy in recent years. Many of the firms operating in the region are associated with energy industries. If you’re a firm operating in Fort Worth and you have problems meeting short term payment requirements, you may want to consider invoice factoring. Factoring is the process of selling invoices in advance for an upfront payment. The factoring company then has the rights to collect your invoice directly from your client. It’s a great way to get cash for your business without taking on debt. Here are some of Fort Worth’s most reliable factoring companies.

KD Factors

KD Factors is a financial services company that offers clients comprehensive financial solutions. The firm is located in the heart of the Fort Worth and Dallas. It specializes in helping Oil & Gas companies bridge cash flow gaps, although it is also able to help clients in other industries. If you’re looking for a family-owned, local factor then KD Factors is the perfect option. They have a triple B rating from the Better Business Bureau.

American Receivable

American Receivable is another locally owned factoring company that provides financing solutions for Forth Worth firms. They don’t require any upfront fees, and they have some of the lowest commission rates in the industry. Some of their factoring services are provided at just .8% of the invoice.


If you’re a locally owned freight or shipping company in Fort Worth, then Apex factoring should be your first port of call. The company specializes in trucking and other transportation industries. They aim to specialize in their industries so don’t be surprised if they don’t take on anything outside of transportation.


Fort Worth has a wealth of options when it comes to factoring services. KD Factor is perfect for clients looking for full-scale financial solutions alongside factoring. American Receivable offers some of the region’s lowest rates. Apex is one of the freight industries leading factoring providers.