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Invoice Factoring Companies In Fayette, KY

Fayette County, Kentucky is a county that makes up the majority of the city of Lexington. It has a population of almost 300,000 residents. The economy is largely made up of small businesses operating in manufacturing and technology. Are you a business owner in the area that has found it hard to get traditional forms of finance? Invoice factoring is a great way to get capital without having to get a loan from a bank. You can sell your unpaid invoices to a factoring service, who then provide you with quick capital. Most factoring services only charge around 1.5% for their services, and you don’t need to take on any debt. This article is a list of the best factoring services catering to the Fayette County area in Kentucky.

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Paragon Financial

Paragon Financial is a national service with plenty of clients in Fayette County. They have industry experience with a wide variety of different companies. Their website has an online chat function that allows you to talk directly with a customer service representative. You can also apply for a quote directly through their site.

TCI Business Capital

TCI Business Capital is one of the largest factoring firms in the nation. They work with clients in all 50 states of the country – they have large presence in Kentucky. They are often able to provide services to their clients for a small 1.5% fee.

Milberg Factors

If you operate in technology or manufacturing like many Fayette County, Kentucky businesses do, then you probably have international clients. Milberg Factors has over a century of experience helping different clients with their factoring services. They have offices around the world and can collect international invoices for your business.


Fayette County, Kentucky doesn’t have any locally positioned factoring services. What they do have is a wide variety of larger firms that cater to the area. If you have overseas contracts or clients, Milberg Factors is the nation’s best option. Paragon Financial is great for those who want to find out more about factoring before deciding – check out their chat portal online.

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