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Invoice Factoring Companies In Dallas, TX

Dallas is Texas’ second largest city. The city is known for its financial district, which is one of the largest finance centers in the Southern United States. Apart from finance, Dallas also plays home to a range of small businesses and energy companies. If your firm suffers from large invoice cycles that prevent it from having the working capital it needs, then you may want to consider using an invoice factoring company to help you meet short term costs. We have compiled a list of the best factoring companies currently catering to the Dallas area.

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Allied Affiliate Funding

Allied Affiliated Funding is a small to mid-sized factoring firm that is headquartered in Dallas, TX. They operate with a range of different clients, although many are in the Oil & Gas industry. They can help provide financing for small firms, as well as larger companies that have invoices of over $10m dollars. The firm has a triple B rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Vertex Financial

Vertex Financial is a mid-sized factoring firm that is located in Dallas, TX. The company helps businesses in any business cycle, but is unique in their popularity with new companies. Vertex can help new companies receive financing by purchasing their initial invoices up front. This can be a useful way to receive start-up capital if you have a client base but have yet to receive payment.

Mazon Factoring

Mazon Factoring is another factoring firm that is located in Dallas, TX. They have been helping local Dallas companies receive alternative forms of finance for over 40 years. If you’re looking for a firm with extensive Dallas experience, Mazon is the perfect fit! They provide prospective clients with free quotes through their online website.


If you’re looking for a company in Dallas that will be able to cater to your specific financing requirements, any of the firms mentioned in this article would be great choices. It is rare you find a city with so many locally devoted factoring companies. Head to their websites to find out more information on what they specialize in.

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